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Who has the authority to MAKE the SSA pay for their mistake??

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The DDS made a mistake on my disability claim and denied me a second time.A year later i was awarded benefits due to this mistake.I was forced to file a moritorium on my mortage and over this time frame,my loan balance raised $12,000.00 in just 7mths.It's quite larger 13mths later.The SSA should be held accountable for their mistakes.
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Answered on Sep 01st, 2013 at 8:56 AM

Sorry.  You're not going to win that argument.  I agree that it is an injury to you to wait longer for the decision you were seeking, but not every injury provides for recovery under the law.

M. Scott Peck wrote "Life is difficult."  I would add, "Life is often unfair."  The law is very specific about what it can and will do, and it will not always "make someone pay" for a difficult or unfair situation. 

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