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I am a 100% service connected veteran currently at the hearing level for SSDI. My VA rating is for PTSD. I have requested an on the record decision for my SSDI case. Is the ODAR my case is assigned to required to respond in the event this request is not granted? Also, is there a better way for me to obtain information about my on the record decision request b eyond speaking to the ODAR receptionist?
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Answered on Apr 29th, 2015 at 3:11 PM

I can only assume you are not represented.  Calling the receptionist is not going to speed it up, and will not help.  A decision will be made on your "on the record" request at some point.  Each office handles this differently around the country.  Sometimes you receive a letter, but if anything is going to slip through the cracks - it would be that letter saying "you're on the record" request is denied.

So back to your question - yes, no doubt in the policy manuals somewhere - they are required to respond.  When and if they will is anybody's guess.  

You don't lose your place "in line" if they don't approve the on the record request.  There are some things you can control - and this isn't one of them.

My hope is that your answer on this question arrives in the mail as a fully favorable decision.

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