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My SSI worker is cutting my son off, because she cant found my pay stubs I gave her. Is there anything I can do

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Resubmit the pay-stubs or have your employer provide you with a print-out that provides the information contained in a pay-stub and submit that.  

Always assume that whatever you give to the Social Security Administration (SSA) may get lost.  Take the time and make the small investment cost to copy everything before you give it to SSA.  It is just good practice to  

Currently there are serious reductions in staff and hours at SSA which can increase the likelihood of error.  These are human mistakes, not intentional ones.  

Have a backup plan.  Copy everything you submit.  Keep everything SSA sends you.

Finally, your son has appeal rights if "cut off" and should exercise them immediately should that happen.  He may be able to get his benefits continued if the appeal is filed within 10 days and he agrees to pay back any benefits if the final determination is against him.

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