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how much money can i earn without affecting my SSDI???

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I am 34 years old, I live in Wisconsin , Oconto County I receive SSDI. I pay approximately $150.00 for Medicare and $45.00 for a supplemental insurance each month which leaves me with approximately $850.00 each month to live on. I am not Qualified for any extra help with Housing , food and so on, because of boyfriend of 10 years whom i have lived with for 10 years income years. i have medical bills i can not pay and some have gone to collection. So at this point i have not even been going to see a doctor becsause i can not afford to and i really need to.So I was wondering if there any amount of money i could make each moth without having my SSDI affected????
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Answered on Apr 12th, 2012 at 4:44 PM

Over the years when this question has come up, I always ask 2 questions:

First:                 What does your doctor say?

If your medical condition prevents you from working, you have your answer.  If it doesn't, how many hours does the doctor suggest, or ask that you limit it to?  Does the doctor restrict how much you can lift, carry, sit, stand, walk, reach, squat, stoop, or bend?  In your decision approving your disability, were any of these things mentioned?

Second:            What do you say?

If the doctor gives the green light or at least a yellow light and says "try it" are you up to it?  Can you do it?

I have changed your question into two questions and neither concerns income.  If this works out, who knows, perhaps you will get off disability.  Remember, if you go back to work, you must report that to the Social Security Administration (SSA), and KEEP ALL YOUR PAY STUBS.

If you start working, you may trigger a trial work period.  Go to to learn more about a Trial Work Period, and study all information very carefully.  "Gross Earnings" in one month will trigger this.

One last thing ... SSA can and will review you.  If you simply stop going to medical providers that means the medical evidence that documents your disability will dry up.  Get busy - go online to find free or reduced fee clinics or something that will use a "sliding scale." 

PLEASE NOTE that an in person consultation is always best when you have a legal problem. DO NOT RELY on information for a legal remedy without having contacted a lawyer. Facts and circumstances of every case have to be applied to the law that is relevant for the state or location in question.

NEVER rest on a right or defense you may have. Legal rights are not like wine - they don't improve with age or time. Time limits can completely prohibit recovery. SEEK LEGAL ADVICE IMMEDIATELY.

Be sure to visit my website for answers to other Social Security Disability questions.


No attorney-client relationship has been established because of the information provided. Seek local counsel to address your particular facts. MJHJ

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