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Can my child receive social security survivor benefits from her father whom was killed by a car 2 years ago.

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My husband was killed by a car 2 years ago, he was an ilegal immigrant whom lived & worked here for about 7 years using a ITIN card. Can our child whom is a US citizen get survivor benefits?
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Answered on Apr 07th, 2012 at 12:30 PM

It would be difficult, but I believe it could be possible.  You are going to need help, and a lot of evidence, such as proof of paternity and connection of the father to the wages earned under the ITIN card.

You may want to contact the State Bar of Florida for their Pro Bono program (, Legal Aid (Go to to find your local office), or a nearby legal clinic of a Law School.

Every day individuals go to work and pay taxes that could be used for survivor's benefits.  However, when they die, the Social Security Administration has no record of them as an individual, and these funds never get applied as they should.

Yours is a very common and very sad story.  I'm sure the father worked hard - I hope you are successful, and I hope you'll let me know how it turns out.

Good luck.



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