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I applied for SSDI in 12/12 after have my 2nd LP shunt placed after it faled it was 17 yrs old. severe vestibular dysfunction. I am still waiting for a response. I just return to work out of desperation of starving to death and being on the streets. I am barely able to maintain due to pain, stress, sleep disorder. I hear because I return to work I wont be approved. My docotrs say I should be on disability. What is the likely hood I will be approved because I am working. Although Its a major hurdle for me everyday. Thanks
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Answered on Apr 24th, 2013 at 4:38 PM

"Working" doesn't mean "not disabled."  However, how much you are working and how much you are earning does matter.  I would suggest consulting an expert in your State about this question. Follow for North Carolina Social Security Disability Lawyers.

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Social Security Disability
If you're suffering from a disability that prevents you from working, you may be entitled to benefits under Social Security disability insurance (SSD or SSDI). Social Security disability attorneys can work with you to file your application for benefits. Because the Social Security Administration routinely denies the majority of initial claims, your SSD lawyers can also prepare for your hearing before an administrative law judge, attend all hearings, advocate on your behalf and file an appeal if your application has been denied. Hire an SSDI law firm as soon as you need to apply for SSDI. The faster your application is approved, the more quickly you will begin to receive benefits.
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