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Social Security is a federal government program designed in part to provide financial support to workers when they retire and are unable to earn an in ... read more
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A Social Security Do-Over?
In today's economy, with earlier retirement ages coupled with longer life expectancies, many senior citizens are worried they or their spouse will find themselves out of cash in what was supposed to be their golden years. Indeed, some retirees who start collecting their benefits early because they needed ... Read more

Government to Pay Social Security Back Benefits
The Social Security Administration (SSA) agreed to pay over $500 million to more than 200,000 people denied Social Security benefits because they were wrongly thought to be fleeing felons. Lawsuit Targets Fleeing Felon Practice Congress amended the Social Security Act in 1996 to authorize the withholding ... Read more

Social Security and the COLA Controversy
The federal government has reported that there will be no cost of living adjustment (COLA) on Social Security benefits for 2016. ... Read more

Claiming Social Security Benefits
There are three basic requirements for Social Security benefits. First, a person must file a written application with their district office or local representative. Second, the applicant must be fully insured, which simply means that the person has worked for the required number of quarters. If you were ... Read more

Having a Baby: Applying for a Social Security Number
A Social Security Number (SSN) is required for more than just getting a job. You'll also need one for your child if you want to claim him or her as a dependent on your tax return, buy savings bonds for your child, or open a bank account for your child. In addition, your child may be eligible for Social ... Read more

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Yes, it is legal unless they are not on your property.

You need to file the appeal yourself.  Look on the paperwork you received from the overpayment and there will be directions on how to file an appeal or request a waiver.  You have to do that ...Read more

No, you are not entitled to those benefits.  Your Social Security entitlment will be depdent on your own work history. 

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A patient is administered sedatives or narcotics in a hospital emergency room, and is discharged without being advised not to drive whileunder the influence of the medication. If the patient then driv ... Read more

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