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Do I qualify for SSDI or SSI if I am a college student and have been out of work for more than a year, per doctor's orders?

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I had a severe shoulder injury my doctor says will not allow me to work in my profession ever again. I have been doing this work for 29 years and do not know how to do anything else.
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Answered on Jun 08th, 2013 at 1:47 PM

First, I am sorry that you can no longer do the job that you did for so long.  It is rare for someone to work in one profession that long.  However, the answer really depends on more facts than you have supplied.

If one can't return to their previous work due to a medical condition for 12 months or more, that is just the start of a disability case.

The question then becomes can you do "any" other jobs.  Though you "do not know how to do anything else" there are unskilled jobs that can be learned "on the job" in 30 days or less.  If you can do one of these jobs, and the job exists in significant numbers in the national or regional economy, you will be found not disabled.

The facts and circumstances of every case are different.  Many attorneys provide the initial consultation, either by phone or in person, for free.  I encourage you to contact someone in your area.  This website makes that easy to do.

No attorney-client relationship has been established because of the information provided. Seek local counsel to address your particular facts. MJHJ

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