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Social security is a retirement benefit you earned while working.  It does not depend on your current income or assets.  If you are also receiving supplemental security income (SSI) then tha ...Read more

SSA is based on your work history for a certain number of years beofre you retire.  Unless ou work more, you will not be entitled to more Social Security.  you may be entitled to additional ...Read more

The next step is to file an appeal. However, please be advised that you only have 60 days from the date of the denial in which to do so. When you file the appeal, you will receive a CD with all of you ...Read more

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Tax Time Q&A: Can the IRS Seize My Tax Refund to Apply Toward My Student Loan Debt?

Early February is the time of year when Punxatawney Phil sees his shadow, men panic about what to buy their betrothed for Valentine’s Day, and the go-getters get their tax retur ... Read more

Asylum Seekers Barred From Public Pools in Germany Because of Sexual Harassment

Deputy mayor Markus Schnapka of Bornheim, a German town of 48,000 residents, has recently banned Muslim and Arab asylum seekers from the Middle East. The ban comes after sexual assaults on local women ... Read more

Achieving a Better Life Experience - Able Savings Accounts for Disability-Related Expenses: Part Two

Arecent blog discussed the 2014 passage of the federal ABLE Act and the 2015 Florida ABLE Act permitting tax-advantaged ABLE savings accounts to be owned by qualifying disabled persons. The ABLE accou ... Read more

Multi-Million Dollar Divorce Feud Reaches National News

Getting a divorce can be difficult for both parties, but when there's a large amount of money at stake, even small disagreements can be seriously difficult to overcome. In this case that has made na ... Read more

Social Security Benefits for Disabled Adult Children

Did you know that if you are adisabled adult, your parents’ eligibility for Social Security might be able to help you? If you aren’t able to work because of a severe disability or illness, ... Read more

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